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Cisco Live Europe

I manage all the social media work for this client, as Social Media Lead. Producing the strategy, content topics, copy, design briefs, as well as scheduling all content and doing year-round community management across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and internal Cisco channels. 

In 2021 we created the first global virtual Cisco Live event - seeing a programme that followed the sun (starting in the US > APJC > EMEAR) and had each social media team manage communications for their timezone. Continuing the conversations and allowing the audience to connect even in the digital space. 


Cisco Live 2020, Barcelona saw 18,000 attendees onsite, over 36,000 #CLEUR mentions

across social media and 2.86 million views of the online broadcast.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 19.14.20.png

I've worked on the last 6 Cisco Live Europe events. In 2014, my first year, I held a community support role within the social media team, in 2018 I was promoted to lead on this account, and have continued this role for the last 2 events.  

For me personally the event is a true collaboration project - working across the agency with every department but also with an outstanding client team. It is much more than just a technology event, from all the interactive digital activations, the deep-dive education sessions and the most brilliant social community with #CLEUR. 

I have met some amazing delegates and speakers, have been able to build an outstanding team and collaborate with some exceptional individuals.


To have been able to work on a project for over 5 years - from a tiny support role to leading that same area - is one of the most fulfilling experiences.


This has been, and is, my proudest career achievement!  

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