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When talking about marketing B2B events I focus on providing audiences with actionable insights that they can take away and apply, regardless of their level of social media experience. Sharing my 'expertise' mean I share the how-to, the steps it takes, not just the final product. 

I also talk about my time in the events industry and the ways to get ahead as an events student/graduate. 

I've spoken at Social Sharing London, International Confex, Event Tech Live, The Christmas Party Show, Event First Steps and as part of the online #EventInsights series. I've also presented to students across Europe, in both the UK and the Netherlands.

You can watch a few of my talks by scrolling below and if you are interested in me speaking at your event? Drop me an email.


October 2021

The Meeting Show

Topic 'How can we attract and retain Gen Z talent?'

Chatting with Sarah Yeats (Managing Director at Sledge) around how we can attract Gen Z into the events industry and retain their skills and talents. 

September 2021

International Confex

Topic 'One year on from the Black Square'

Keynote Session - In Sept 2020 the world protested against racial injustices and corporate organisations made promises to become more inclusive and diverse. We deep-dived into the findings from the first ever industry wide research project on racial diversity in the Events Industry. 

May 2021

EM Mentoring

Topic 'Event Marketing'

Talking to mentees of the EM Mentoring program around my own career path and what is involved when doing event marketing. 

November 2020

Event Tech Live

Topic 'Creating an Engaged Social Media Community for B2B Events'

Talking on the virtual 'Live Stage' I shared the three simple steps of how you can create a social media community in the B2B space. 

May 2020

Event Industry News

Topic 'Social Media and B2B Events'

Talking to Adam Perry from Event Industry News about my favourite social media tools and tactics. How the social landscape has changed over the last two years, and, how businesses can use consumer-focused platforms like TikTok to feed a B2B event campaign on other business-oriented platforms.

May 2020

Event Insights

Topic 'Using Social Media to Promote B2B Events'

Specifically talked about, what the differences are between marketing B2C and B2B events via social media. What social media channels to focus on when promoting B2B events, and the steps you need to ta to create strong social media engagement with a B2B audience?

May 2020

Event Well x Event First Steps

Topic 'Staying motivated, productive and creative'

With my fellow co-founders of Event First Steps (Elena Clowes and Priya Narain) we chatted to Helen Moon about structuring your time to stay motivated, productive and creative, when you need to be

October 2019

Sharing Social London

Topic 'It's Not Rocket Science. Building a B2B Community'

Shared how for Cisco Live Europe we create an engaged community and the steps needed to get there. 

March 2019

Smarter Event Planning Podcast x Event First Steps

Topic 'Starting out in the Industry'

The three of us (Priya Narain, Elena Clowes and I) chatted to Jason Allen Scott about Event First Steps and why we started the initative.
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